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Giant trucks more popular than ever

by Oliver Probert created Aug 21, 2013 03:20 PM

The biggest trucks are now among the most popular in the resources industry, according to intelligence specialists IntierraRMG.

Giant trucks more popular than ever

A driverless Komatsu 930E-AT. Komatsu’s 930E range have a maximum payload capacity over 300 tonnes.

A new report from IntierraRMG shows that, in 2012, 640 ‘ultra-class’ trucks (defined as having a payload of over 290 tonnes) were delivered around the world.

That represented over 25% of delivered truck capacity in 2012.
The new deliveries brought the total number of ultra-class trucks in operation worldwide to 3004 – representing 16% of global truck payload.

“Shipments of these ultra-class trucks achieved early acceptance, growing from just the four ‘prototypes’ delivered in 1996 to more than 100 units in each of 2000 and 2001,” said IntierraRMG managing director, Peter Rossdeutscher.

“As a result, shipments (measured in payload terms) grew to 24% of the global markets in 2000, before demand succumbed to the protracted 1999-2002 cyclical depression.”

Steady growth followed in the mid 2000’s, before demand, especially for the largest trucks, increased over the past 5 years.

“Despite a sharp contraction during 2009, the overall truck market increased to nearly 5000 unit shipments in 2012, and this time the growth of the ultra-class far exceed those recorded by its smaller counterparts,” IntierraRMG said.

“Of the additional 3.6mt of truck payload in operation at the end of [2012], more than 22% was accounted for by trucks in the [over] 290 tonne range,” Rossdeutscher concluded.

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